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DS Quality Standard

High quality, every single time

Threads and tolerances

We adhere to industry standards for threads and tolerances.


Finishing & post-processing

We follow strict technical requirements for finishing and post-processing.

Quality documentation

We provide quality documentation such as First Article Inspection, material Certificate/Test Report on request.



DS is certified and compliant with ISO 9001:2015.


Inspection process

All parts are closely inspected twice, we have dedicated quality team at a separate QC lab to perform quality control for all incoming parts.


Refunds and reorders

DS Industries follows: ISO 9001 guidelines for quality control. If you receive part that does meet drawing’s specifications, DS Industries will send you qualified parts for free or make full refund for the defective part.


Production Flow Chart

DS Quality Inspection Capabilities

To conduct our extensive range of inspections, we use a wide variety of advanced equipment, here’s the list of Inspection Equipment:

Inspection Equipment List

Item Equipment Name Model Manufacturer Unit set
1 Salt mist test machine SL-YW60A  Senlin 1
2 Electronic balance 500KG Yixue 1
3 Electronic balance ACS Longmai 3
4 Electronic balance ALH-30KG Huierzhun 5
5 Dial caliper 0-150mm Mitutoyo 16
6 Digital caliper 0-150mm Mitutoyo 12
7 Digimatic micrometer 0-1" ±0.00005" Mitutoyo 11
8 Microcalliper 0-25mm Mitutoyo 13
9 Outer diameter micrometer 0-25mm Mitutoyo 12
10 Digimatic micrometer 0-25mm Mitutoyo 11
11 Scale blade micrometer 0-25mm Mitutoyo 12
12 Pin plug gauge 25.000±0.001mm Jing Li 2
13 Gage block 1.0-25mm Cheng Liang 1
14 Smooth ring gauge ∮10mm Cheng Liang 1
15 Ring screw gage M7*0.5 6g Jinyi 1
16 Number highly gauge 0-50.8mm TERMA 3
17 Wear-resistant tester TABER1750 TABER 1
18 X-ray flaw detector miceomex Germany 1
19 Gear detector P40 Germany 1
20 Gear meshing instrument  OSAKA GTR-4LS Japan 1
21 Light cleanliness detector SL210  Mitutoyo 1
22 Spectrum analyzer SPECTRO Germany 1
23 Tensile testing machine DEW-10A China 1
24  Color difference meter Minolta Japan 1
25 Rockwell hardness tester HR-430MR Mitutoyo 1
26 Image measurement instrument 2010 JIMIDE 1
27 Image measurement instrument TEOTAI-200 LuoTai 1
28 CMM SEREIN China 1

*CMM and Image Measurement




Detailed Inspection Reports for Every Part


Visual Inspection

DS provides a Visual Inspection Report to verify cosmetic standards.


Dimensional Inspection

For all parts, we provide a Dimensional Inspection Report to verify dimensional accuracy for critical features.


Advanced Inspection

We offer inspection with coordinate measuring machine (CMM)


First Article Inspections

DS can provide a First Article Inspection Report upon request, which will be provided for 3 parts.


Quality Certification